• Kym AI

    Kym AI

  • Saurav Muralidharan

    Saurav Muralidharan

    Systems & machine learning researcher at NVIDIA. CS Ph.D. I like to write about technology, research, travel, photography, and fitness.

  • B Sai Ashish

    B Sai Ashish

  • Manikandan


  • Pratuat Amatya

    Pratuat Amatya

  • @nisargpandya


    Entrepreneur, Startup Founder & CEO @drivebuddyAI. Learning from human drivers for the future drivers.

  • Sumitnitesh


  • Alexander Li

    Alexander Li

    Data Scientist @CalaHealth delivering electricity as medicine for chronic disease patients. UC Berkeley 18' math and physics. Connect with me mail@alexli.me

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